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Miriam Vale

    This town has previously existed through primary production, mainly Beef and to some extent Dairying and Timber Cutting however Tourism has now been embraced and is leading to a rejuvenation of interest in the area.
    As well as being the former seat of local government this town is on the Bruce Highway, Queenslands main north, south highway and is a request stop on the Queensland Railways iconic Tilt Train, and this provides the infrastructure for the tourist destinations along the Discovery Coast.
    The town, as a result of the tourist influx along the coast, has supported the tourism push with an  Information Center in the middle of town to promote the Discovery Coast. The Gladstone Regional Tourist and Development Board has also been actively involved in the center.
This small country highway town has a small Retirement Village, has a good Golf Course and a Lawn Bowls Club.
Like all the other towns on the Discovery Coast it is rapidly growing due to the enormous growth in the Gladstone Industrial expansion.


    Bororen is also a small Highway and Railway town with it's former focus on the Cattle and Timber Industries.
    It boasts the primary cemetery in the district, an interesting Hotel and 2 Motels.

Turkey Beach

    Is the township at the northern end of the Discovery Coast and the calm Rod's Harbour is a fisherman's paradise.
    If the quiet getaway style of holiday is your dream then this is the place for you, the place runs on quiet and there is somewhere to fish at all times with some of the best Mud Crab areas in the country.
    For posterity the area is protected with Rods Peninsula National Park, and Rod's Bay Dugong Sanctuary.


    This little place can't be called a town it is too small, but if some people have their way it is about to turn into the focus of a large part of the world. This area will be the entrance to the proposed Rocket Launching Site at the nearby Hummock Hill Island.

Gladstone Regional Council

    Now there's an interesting thing, the former Miriam Vale Shire which has now been absorbed into the Gladstone Regional Council was exactly the same size and shape as the Discovery Coast which is about 3700 square Kilometers.
    The New Regional Council is experiencing a few growing pains at the moment due to the rapid residential and industrial growth, and a large percentage of this growth is taking place on the Discovery Coast.
    It has recently been made official that this area is the fastest growing regional district in the state of Queensland.
    The region has previously existed through primary production, mainly Beef and to some extent Dairying Timber Cutting and a little mining however Tourism has now been embraced and of course the Gas industry is leading to a rejuvenation of interest in the area.

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